What does a List Compiler Do?
Companies such as infoUSA, Dun & Bradstreet (ZapData), Experian and Acxiom are List Compilers. They combine RAW DATA from sources such as local yellow page & White page directories, public government state data and other publishing to make a comprehensive marketing list that can be sliced and dices in any which way you want. Each List Compiler has strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, List compilers are out for their own. They primarily push their own marketing lists as being the best in the industry.
Can you Trust a List Compiler?

What do List Manager Do?
Much like the list compiler, the list manager's job is to market and distribute the manufactured list (compiled list). They work very closely to list compilers and get paid roughly 10% to manage all sales and rentals of compiled lists. List managers work on volume and therefore do not have the time and patience it requires to find the right marketing list on your behalf. Therefore, list managers show alliances to specific marketing lists that make them money.
Can you trust a List Manager?

What does a List broker do?
Your List Broker is a consultant in many ways. He or she is responsible for knowing about more than 40,000+ lists that are on the market, doing any research necessary for you, recommending the best possible list for your offer and making sure they get to you in time. Your List Broker does all invoicing for lists. Your List broker is also there to negotiate prices for you when that is appropriate, can help evaluate results, and give you help and advice on many aspects of your direct mail, alternate media or email plans. If you use a List broker wisely, he or she can be an invaluable addition to your team.
List Brokers can be trusted simply because they are not bound by any specific List!

Mailing List Brokers receive an industry standard of 20% commission on rented lists. We work for you, to find the most appropriate marketing list that fits your budget and your Target Market. Our vast network of sources can help you and your company save time, money and headaches.



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